Contingent liabilities

Proceedings conducted by the Competition Commission

The Competition Commission (ComCo) is currently investigating a number of companies in the Swisscom Group. The investigation into the relationship of ADSL wholesale prices to the ADSL retail prices is described below. If it is proven that Swisscom has infringed the rules of fair competition, ComCo is entitled to impose sanctions pursuant to the Anti-Trust Law. This sanction depends on the length and severity and nature of the violation and may amount to up to 10% of the revenue generated by the company in question in the relevant markets in Switzerland over the last three financial years.

On 20 October 2005, ComCo launched an investigation into Swisscom Ltd and Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd into abuse of a dominant market position. The object of the investigation is the question whether Swisscom has set the prices for ADSL pre-services for Internet service providers at such a high level that no scope remains for these providers for an adequate profit margin in relation to the end-customer prices charged by Swisscom itself (price squeezing). Swisscom contests the allegation of market dominance and refutes the accusation of price squeezing. It is of the opinion that the prices for its ADSL pre-services leave its ADSL competitors enough room for a reasonable profit margin. With its decision of 5 November 2009, ComCo sanctioned Swisscom for abuse of a market-dominant position in the case of ADSL services and levied a fine of CHF 220 million. Swisscom appealed against the ruling at the Federal Administrative Court on 7 December 2009. On the basis of a legal opinion, Swisscom concludes that, from the present-day perspective, it is not probable that a court of final appeal will levy sanctions. It thus has raised no provisions in the consolidated financial statements as of 31 December 2012 and 2013. In the event of a legally binding decision on abuse, claims could be asserted against Swisscom under civil law. Swisscom considers it unlikely that such civil claims can be enforced.

Regulatory proceedings

Swisscom provides interconnection and other access services for other telecommunication service providers in Switzerland in accordance with the revised Swiss Federal Telecommunications Act (TCA). Other access proceedings in accordance with the revised TCA are pending with ComCom and the Federal Administrative Court.

Other contingent liabilities

In the second quarter of 2012, one competitor of Fastweb lodged a complaint against Fastweb in connection with the invitation to tender for large customer contracts. Based upon a legal opinion, Swisscom concluded that an outflow of resources as a result of the complaint is not probable. Accordingly, no provision was established. In the first quarter of 2013, an out-of-court settlement was reached and the complaint by the competitor of Fastweb was withdrawn.