Related parties

Majority shareholder

Pursuant to the Swiss Federal Telecommunication Enterprises Act (“Telekommunikationsunternehmungsgesetz, TUG”), the Swiss Confederation (“the Confederation”) is obligated to hold a majority of the share capital and voting rights of Swisscom. On 31 December 2013, the Confederation as majority shareholder held 51.2% (prior year: 56.8%) of the issued shares of Swisscom Ltd. Any reduction of the Confederation’s holding below a majority would require a change in law which would need to be voted upon the Federal Assembly, which would also be subject to a facultative referendum by Swiss voters. As the majority shareholder, the Swiss Confederation has the power to control the decisions of the general meetings of shareholders which are taken by the absolute majority of effectively cast votes. This relates primarily to the approval of dividend distributions and the election of the members of the Board of Directors. Swisscom supplies telecommunication services to and in addition, procures services from the Confederation, the majority shareholder in Swisscom. The Confederation comprises the various departments and administrative bodies of the Confederation and the other companies controlled by the Confederation (primarily the Post, Swiss Federal Railways, RUAG as well as Skyguide). All transactions are conducted on the basis of normal relationships with customers and suppliers and on conditions applicable to unrelated third parties. In addition, financing transactions were entered into with the Swiss Post on normal commercial terms.


Services provided to/from associates are based upon market prices. The associates are listed in Note 41.

Minority shareholders

PubliGroupe and Swisscom Directories are the main related parties amongst minority shareholders. Services provided to/from these related parties are based upon market prices.

Post-employment benefits funds

Transactions between Swisscom and the various pension funds are detailed in Note 10.

Transactions and balances

Transactions and year-end balances with related parties in 2012 and 2013 are as follows:

In CHF million   Income   Expense   Receivables   Liabilities
Confederation   372   170   186   382
Associates   131   206   14   10
Other minority shareholders   8     1  
Total 2013/Balance at 31 December 2013   511   376   201   392
In CHF million   Income   Expense   Receivables   Liabilities
Confederation   355   164   288   380
Associates   117   230   16   33
Other minority shareholders   9   1   1  
Total 2012/Balance at 31 December 2012   481   395   305   413

Key management compensation

In CHF million   2013   2012
Current compensation   1.6   1.6
Share-based payments   0.8   0.7
Social security contributions   0.1   0.1
Total compensation to members of the Board of Directors   2.5   2.4
Current compensation   5.8   7.6
Share-based payments   0.9   1.2
Benefits paid following retirement from Group Executive Board   1.5  
Pension contributions   0.7   1.1
Benefits paid to former Members of the Group Executive Board     0.1
Social security contributions   0.5   0.6
Total compensation to members of the Group Executive Board   9.4   10.6
Total compensation to members of the Board of Directors and of the Group Executive Board   11.9   13.0

Individuals in key positions of Swisscom are the members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board of Swisscom Ltd. Compensation paid to members of the Board of Directors consists of basic emoluments plus functional allowances and meeting attendance fees. A third of the entire compensation of the Board of Directors (excluding meeting allowances) is paid in the form of shares. Compensation paid to the members of the Group Executive Board consists of a fixed basic salary component settled in cash, a variable performance-related portion settled in cash and in equity shares, services provided and non-cash benefits as well as retirement benefits. Apart from two members, 25% of the variable performance-related share of profits of the members of the Group Executive Board is paid out in shares. Two Board members receive additionally a certain portion of the variable performance-related part entirely in the form of equity shares and as a result, their equity share portion amounts in total to a minimum of 36% and a maximum of 57%. See Note 11. Remuneration and shareholdings are disclosed in the Notes to the annual financial statements of Swisscom Ltd pursuant to Swiss company law (Art. 663bbis and 663c para. 3 of the Swiss Federal Code of Obligations).