Employment law in Italy

Employment agreement for the telecoms sector in Italy

Statutory terms and conditions of employment in Italy are based on the Contratto collettivo nazionale di lavoro (CCNL), a state collective employment agreement. The CCNL defines the terms and conditions of employment between Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb and its employees. It also contains provisions governing relations between Fastweb and the unions.

In February 2013 the telecoms companies and unions negotiated a new CCNL, setting out better terms and conditions compared with the previous agreement. The new CCNL runs until 31 December 2014.

Employee representation and relations with the unions

Fastweb engages in dialogue with the unions and the employee representatives, and in the event of major operational changes involves them at an early stage.

Industry-wide collective agreement for employees

The working week for employees covered by the state collective employment agreement is 40 hours. Benefits include five weeks’ annual leave, 20 weeks’ maternity leave and one day of paternity leave.

In the event of incapacity for work due to illness or accident, Fastweb guarantees full payment of the employee’s salary for 180 days and half the salary for a further 185 days.

Working time model

Fastweb supports work-life balance. The company’s terms and conditions of employment enable employees to achieve a healthy balance between their working and private lives. These include in particular the following measures agreed with the unions in the Conciliazione famiglia e lavoro in 2001: flexible office working hours, choice of shifts for mothers and temporary part-time work for mothers.

Employee remuneration

Fastweb offers competitive salary packages aimed at attracting and retaining highly-qualified specialists and managers. The company’s salary system comprises a basic salary, a collective variable profit-sharing bonus for non-managerial staff, and a variable performance-related component for managerial staff which is contingent on meeting individual requirements and company targets. The basic salary is determined according to function, individual performance and the situation in the labour market. The variable profit-sharing bonus is based on the Premio di risultato agreed separately with the unions. Fastweb respects the legal minimum salary defined by the CCNL.